Google’s new location APIs for Android

New Google Location APIs

New Google Location APIs

At GeoMoby, we are working hard on our algorithms to minimise battery and bandwidth consumption and we have developed a unique solution that meets good location accuracy with minimum battery drainage.

We are leveraging the latest version of Android and iPhone technology and when these technologies improve so do ours!

Three new location APIs were announced at Google I/O on 15 May 2013. This is great news for us as this would make our solution even better! Google has three broad goals regarding location: Power, accuracy and coverage.

Googlers Waleed Kadous and Jaikumar Ganesh walked developers through the now-live location API improvements that the company has released for the Android platform. Here are why this is exciting news.

Fused Location Provider

 The Fused Location Provider rewrites the algorithm by which sensors take in data, which will help mobile devices more quickly find the location of users. Also, a new low-power “finding solution” will apparently draw less than 1% of battery life per hour, while in use.

Developers will have access to three levels of location-information priority. Keep in mind that the more accurate your location data, the more power you are using.

  • High Accuracy:  5 second check interval, consumes 7.25% per hour, accurate to within  around 20 meters, uses GPS when outside, and WiFi when inside.
  • Balanced Power: 20 second check interval,  0.6% battery usage per hour, and accurate to within 40 meters. This method is what it appears that Google envisions as a way to bring location into a host of new applications, without sacrificing end-user device satisfaction.
  • No Power: No poll interval, no power consumption, accurate to within around one mile.


The new geofencing API will allow for 100 geofences per application. A function by the name of addProximityAlert() already exists, but it drains around 8% of battery life on a phone per day. The geofencing function — addGeoFences() — will use around two-thirds less, or around 2.4%.

Our solution use a unique approach and does not need to use the API, so it does not drain your battery!

Activity Recognition

The Activity Recognition API will help users track their physical activity, whether they are in a vehicle, on foot, still, or on a bicycle.The new API uses the accelerometer to discern the type of transport so no GPS is required.

These 3 APIS are truly an amazing news fro GeoMoby as they will improve our services and increase user experience. We are thrilled to incorporate the APIs in our next release.

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