We are in Beta Test !

We are launching a new technology platform that will allow offline retailers to engage with their customers in a totally different way. The GeoMoby solution enables businesses to connect with their customers through highly targeted and relevant offers in real-time. This means spam messages are totally eliminated, meaning improved loyalty from customers.

Using GeoMoby is like extending a virtual handshake and inviting smile to every customer that comes past retailers’ door.

Our unique patent-pending technology has solved one of the biggest challenges for others in the industry: battery drain. Further, it provides a unique data contribution to the retail sector, with a database of aggregated and anonymous customer data profiles based on real-time customer behaviour.

At GeoMoby, we believe that good analytics are vital for any industry. For us, its equal parts challenging and exhilarating to ensure our customers are able to make the best marketing decisions for their money.

We are currently seeking early adopters to test our plugin on Android apps. Please contact us on contact@geomoby.com if you are interested!

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