Why Location-Based Mobile Marketing Is Hot?

Location-based mobile marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage with a customer. Being able to engage with your customers wherever they are is why brands have put so much attention on a 2013 mobile strategy.

As mobile technology continues to evolve, so do the needs of the mobile consumer. Contextualisation and relevancy are key and research has shown that the majority of consumers want location-based content delivered to them and are more than happy to provide personal information if it translates into more personalised communication.

A recent article from Business Insider shows that although privacy and mobile phone location data are becoming increasing concerns for consumers and legislators, women are so interested in receiving relevant offers while they are out shopping that they are willing to make concessions to get them. In fact, 47 per cent of women would share their location information in return for a $5 store credit. Make that a $25 in-store credit and the percentage of women who would volunteer their location increases to 83 per cent.

It is absolutely crucial that the messages being sent to users throughout a location-based marketing campaign are adding value for the user. Making this wrong and that’s when location-based offers just turn into spam and users become annoyed. The messages sent to users need to be thought out thoroughly, as with any other marketing campaign.

Right, now how are we going to get these targeted messages? Simple, just analyse user behaviour within the app. GeoMoby’s SDKs allow you to send to our rules engine some filters that will be use to send out relevant information to users who are in the right location at the right time.

It’s essential that businesses segment their database based on user preferences and use these criteria to tailor messages sent to their mobile users. This good practice leads to higher conversion rates.


According to a new study from Verve Mobile which tracked results of over 100 Verve mobile marketing campaigns between January 2012 and March 2013, “casual dining” merchants reported significant increases in click-through rates and sales after deploying location-based ads to nearby consumers.

Location-based mobile marketing promises the sky: high conversion rates, surgical targeting, and rich consumer profiles.



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