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Hello everyone. I’m Zachary, the GeoMoby C.T.O that has been largely working behind the scenes of late getting our iOS SDK out the door and bringing new features to our website to enhance our community interaction.

I’m pleased to announce that we not only now are publishing our GeoMoby SDK for both Android and iOS to our website, we also have unveiled our GeoMoby Community Forum (powered by Vanilla).

Vanilla Forum

User engagement, not just our business partners but the variety of interested developers is critically  important to us. Opening up the channels of communication between you and our developers has been in the pipelines for some time. We just waited until our SDK’s were ready for you before taking that next step to introduce ourselves.

iOS Dev Doco

Our development timeline is packed at the moment, there are so many fascinating features and improvements we have lined up for the GeoMoby platform that we are eager to promote these on our website with a greater frequency so you can see the evolution of the platform in real-time.

This doesn’t mean to say that we are not listening to your current and new requests. These are important to us as our next moves are being planned and are based upon your honest feedback. So thank you for taking the time for trying our product, be it the simple but powerful website, the Android GeoMoby demo or even our fancy GeoQuest – Perth game for iOS devices.

We look forward to connecting with you in new and more exciting ways. Come visit us over at www.geomoby.com


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