Partnership Announcement with BuzzTouch

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GeoMoby team is proud to be partnered with US’ fastest growing mobile SDK marketplace company, BuzzTouch.

BuzzTouch is an open source “app engine” that powers tens of thousands of iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

BuzzTouch has an amazing community of 250,000+ users that lets experienced developers help out the beginners. The great thing about this platform is that it allows developers to stay independent if they want to and gives you full control of your app. On the other hand, the web-based platform lets you host your app from BuzzTouch, your own website or a cloud storage program. You can create simple or extensive apps using the platform even if it’s only your first time developing an app.

BuzzTouch also offers a robust learning community and resource materials via podcasts, video tutorials and blogs.

GeoMoby SDKs is now incorporated to the BuzzTouch platform as part of the SDK partnership program and will be available to all BuzzTouch users.

Official Communication: BuzzTouch Forum

GeoMoby Team

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