Playing with a standalone Android smartwatch

One of the leading features of smartwatches is that they pair with your phone to deliver notifications, alerts and messages on your wrist. So, if you’re wearing a smartwatch, you can keep your phone in your pocket.

But, with that setup you still need to have a smartphone and if your devices are no longer in proximity you lose functionality on your watch. That’s no fun at all and it ruins the point of having “smart” devices.

Recently, our team has been playing with a standalone Android smartwatch running on Android 5.1 (Lollipop). To be clear, you do not need to pair your watch with a smartphone anymore, a standalone smartwatch includes all the functionality of a smartphone built-in. Generally, they can connect to 3G or 4G mobile networks and take a SIM card.

Standalone devices will connect to a network and update messages, alerts and notifications on their own. In this way, you are not forced to use a smartphone with them if you do not want to. Many of them can make and receive calls, just like a phone. They can also be used to browse the web, though the small display is not convenient for such a thing – but it’s still possible.

We’ve set up our test environment and successfully ported our SDK into the watch in less than 30 minutes with a very simple app that would report user location and nearby beacons to our GeoMoby server.

Standalone Android smart Watch

Standalone Android smartwatch

And the result:

 "app_key": “DEMOAPP”,
 "device_id": "watch",
 "id": 3511,
 [{"gps_location": {"lat": -32.5372975, "radius": 8.0, "lon": 115.7365012}, "time": "2016-10-04T03:00Z”},
 {“beacons": [{"distance": 0.8774627140346202, "major": 12345, "uuid": “WdRt”, "txpower": -77.0, "rssi": -76.0, "batteryLevel": 92, "minor": 1}],
 "time": "2016-10-04T03:02Z"},
 {"beacons": [{"distance": 0.38554328942953164, "major": 12345, "uuid": “0rAr”, "txpower": -77.0, "rssi": -70.0, "batteryLevel": 92, "minor": 2}],"time": "2016-10-04T03:03Z"},
 {"beacons": [{"distance": 1.2074340059003499, "major": 12345, "uuid": “qX7f”, "txpower": -77.0, "rssi": -79.0, "batteryLevel": 92, "minor": 3}], "time": "2016-10-04T03:05Z"}], "time": "2016-10-04T03:07Z"}],
 "time": "2016-10-04T03:07Z","battery_status": “75.0”,"app_key": "DEMOAPP","device_id": "watch"}"


GeoMoby SDK on standalone smartwatch

We have a few projects in our pipeline using smartwatches as part of an enterprise solution. Stay tuned and let us know whether you would like to try the GeoMoby Geofencing SDK on a smartwatch!

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