Geofences vs Microfences (iBeacons)

Geofences and beacons aim to achieve similar goals. They both determine a user’s proximity to a particular location. But we have to see those technologies are complementary; each technologies will be determined by your own use cases… And sometimes you may obtain the best results when you combine both of them!

The questions we are being asked all the time is how to decide whether to use geofences, beacons or both in your app? A good rule of thumb would be to think of geofences when you want to interact with a user in a geographical area down to 50 meters at most. When you need a more precise location down to centimeters,  we usually recommend microfences via iBeacons.

Our team has compiled a quick table for you to understand the main differences between a geofence and a microfence. If you still have some questions, do not hesitate to reach out with us!

Microfence (iBeacons) vs Geofence

Microfence (iBeacons) vs Geofence

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